© Copyright 1992-2015 Grassmasters Incorporated. P.O. Box 2602 Woodbridge VA. 22195 | Phone: 703.878.7617
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© Copyright 1992-2016 Grassmasters Incorporated. P.O. Box 2602 Woodbridge VA. 22195 | Phone: 703.878.7617
Enhancing your property’s landscape since 1992, Grassmasters Inc. is your professional at lawn maintenance and a leader in the commercial landscape industry.  Providing services to all of the Northern Virginia area, you can have the confidence in knowing that we have what it takes to exceed your expectations.
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Grassmasters Inc. is a family owned and operated professional lawn and landscape company operating throughout the Northern Virginia and the surrounding areas. Here at Grassmasters Inc. we pride ourselves in understanding what the customer wants, meeting their needs and providing the highest quality of professional service expected. With over 20 years of experience Grassmasters Inc. takes the smallest amount of detail into consideration leaving you with the confidence of a job well done. 
When it comes to turf and landscape care, Grassmasters Inc. is the Master.  With over 20 years of experience we are unparalleled. Not only do we deliver reliable and efficient services on a large commercial scale but we also give each customer the commitment, focus and care of a small close nit company. Please browse below for more details on the services we provide. 
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Grassmasters Inc. looks forward to working with you on all your lawn and landscape needs.Grassmasters Inc. P.O. Box 2602 Woodbridge, VA 22195 Phone: 703.878.7617 Fax: 703.670.9451 Email: Service@Grassmastersinc.com 
Lets face it, daily life is headache at best. Whether its manageing a family with all the school and/or work commitments or manageing large properties and the day to day business operations, there is always a long list of things to worry about. We understand that the landscape needs are sometimes at the bottom of that list. While we might not solve all of your property management conundrums we can surely help alleviate your landscape maintenance worries. When we step on site we assume the responsibility of being your "eyes and ears", not only fulfilling our contract obligations but taking note and alerting you of potential issues that may affect the overall appearance or safety of your property.
As professionals Grassmasters Inc. understands the importance of your property’s overall appearance. By utilizing the finest products our superior technicians can help you acquire the high standards of visual appeal you desire. Whether its planting shrubs or flowers, applying mulch or even installing a whole new flower/mulch bed, we can tackle just about any landscape enhancement project you may have dreamt about. We are ready to work with you on taking a proactive step towards repairing any problem on the site, accenting a specific feature or even performing a whole new makeover, all geared towards the longevity of your property and its beauty. 
Landscape and Turf Maintenance 
As appealing as a day off due to snow sounds, we realize that sometimes you just cannot afford the down time, that is why we are there, 24/7 working to clear your roads, driveways or parking lots. Grassmasters Inc. will work with you well before the wintery weather arrives to pick a snow and ice management plan that works for you. We tailor our De-Icing program, to suit your needs and budget, whether its a simple pushing of snow or an integrated application of salt and sand we have what it takes to battle the toughest of winter storms. We document every winter storm with hour reports, weather conditions, as well as site conditions to unsire your interests in the aftermath of a winter season.
Notice that dead tree looming over your house? Tired of looking at the over-grown trees around your corporate campus? Don’t have enough sun for your Garden? If you answered yes to at least one these questions then we can help. Grassmasters Inc. assesses all trees on site, and takes note of their health, need for pruning, and danger to persons or buildings. We then work with you on implementing a tree care solution that not only fits your budget but keeps your property safe and beautiful. 
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